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Excelling under Pressure: the case of WLI Activities in Yemen

September 22, 2012


Since it began its operation in early 2010, the WLI team in Yemen has been making steady progress in achieving set goals. This was true even during the height of insecurity in May 2011, when the Elkod Research Station where WLI’s work is based was looted and destroyed. In 2011, the team made remarkable progress in updating and establishing a digital database for the Abyan Delta based on detailed analysis of data collected in 2010. These include soil samples, data on land characterization, and geographic information on water sources. The database was in turn used to update existing soil and land suitability maps for the Abyan Delta and to develop a ground water salinity map. In 2012, the team continues to make steady progress in producing digital maps on the main crops grown in the area, in conducting research on the potential effects of improved water productivity on livelihoods, and assessing the role of associations in managing agro-ecosystems as well as the role of indigenous knowledge and social norms in managing agro-ecosystem.