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“WLI Gender Planning Meeting/Training”. (May 27-31, 2012. Amman, Jordan)

May 27, 2012

A five-day gender planning meeting was conducted at the National Center Agricultural Research Center (NCARE) in Amman. The meeting is the first of a series of such meetings which will serve the dual purpose of planning and training to equip WLI partnering NARS with necessary tools required to collect gender disaggregated data from the benchmark sites. The training began with an opening statement from Dr. Nidal Majali, the acting Director for NCARE. Trainees included members of the socio-economic team from NCARE, a representative from the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI), four students from University of Florida (UF), and a Fulbright scholar working on WLI. The training was offered by Drs. Sandra Russo and Constance Shehan from UF, Dr. Malika Martini from ICARDA and Dr. Samia Akroush from ICARDA. In addition to the tools which include focus group discussions, seasonal and daily calendars, problem/solution trees and preference analysis; trainees were also given the opportunity to test the tools they learned in the field, where they held various focus group discussions with men and women groups.