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Training Workshop on ‘Extension and Water Management – with a focus on rainfed areas’ (June 27 – July 1, 2011)

June 27, 2011
Training Workshop on ‘Extension and Water Management – with a focus on rainfed areas’

A one week training workshop on “Extension and Water Management – with a focus on rainfed areas” was conducted at the Agricultural Research and Education Center (AREC) of the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Haouch Sneid, Bekaa, Lebanon. The training is one of a series of trainings planned on the topic, focused on irrigation and water management problems in rainfed areas, and the appropriate methodologies and solutions that will improve the effectiveness of the extension agents in on-farm water management. The training, which was a combination of classroom and practical/field instruction, was offered by experts from the University of California at Davis (UC-Davis), Utah State University (USU), AUB and ICARDA. The training was attended by twelve mid-level researchers and extension specialists from Syria and Lebanon who are currently working with the WLI, four post-graduate students from AUB currently involved in research activities at the benchmark site, and two summer exchange students from UC-Davis and USU.

Feedback on the training from Dr. Mark bell, Director, International Learning Center, UC-Davis
I believe the workshop was highly successful and we from UC Davis were in particular very impressed with the facilities.
More so, we were impressed by the support provided by Nicolas El Haddad, the AREC Farm and Facilities Manager. I ran experiment stations for many years while at CIMMYT and IRRI, so I am aware of the challenges of running such a facility.
Mr Haddad was outstanding in terms of his knowledge, his support and the quality of the facility he is managing. I hope that AUB appreciate the outstanding individual they have. He is clearly committed, competent and personable. By so capably taking care of so many support activities, he  played a significant role in the success of the workshop. He has left both national and international participants and foreign trainers alike with a very positive impression of AREC and AUB.